Taize Instrumental 1


ISBN / AVN: CD 033
Format: CD
Weight: 200 g
Size: 5 X 5.5
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This recording by the Taize1 Community offers all the songs found on Laudate Omnes Gentes but in instrumental versions only. Taize1: Instrumental was created to support small groups who wish to pray in song but are uncomfortable singing a cappella or do not have the resources for live instrumental accompaniment. It contains instrumental support for nineteen songs that are straightforward to sing and do not require solo verses. The guitar accompanies throughout with a flute playing the melody sometimes joined by the oboe or clarinet. Ideal for small prayer groups!


1. Laudate omnes gentes.mp3

2. Tui amoris ignem.mp3

3. L ajuda em vindra del Senyor.mp3

4. Bless the Lord.mp3

5. Magnificat.mp3

6. Ubi Caritas.mp3

7. Jesus le Christ.mp3

8. Surrexit Dominus vere.mp3

9. Tu sei sorgente viva.mp3

10. Misericordias Domini.mp3

11. The kingdom of God.mp3

12. Nada de turbe.mp3

13. Gloria…et in terra pax.mp3

14. Bleibet hier.mp3

15. Jesus remember me.mp3

16. In resurrectione tua.mp3

17. Christe Salvator.mp3

18. Benedictus.mp3

19. Nunc dimittis.mp3

Weight 200 g


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