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Using 20 languages this recording reflects what Taize is today: a community of brothers from more than twenty different countries a meeting-place for tens of thousands of young adults from every continent. The younger generation comes there from both East and West in a never-ending pilgrimage finding spiritual roots to create the Europe of tomorrow. Ways have been found to allow a crowd that changes each week and has no common language to take part in the singing: short Bible texts or a few words from the age-old Christian tradition have been set to music and are sung as a canon or ostinato. Gospel realities can penetrate us through simple chants sung over and over again. This singing that never seems to end becomes a prayer underlying our acts our conversations our work our daily life. The singing of a child alternating with adults gives support to all the generations. The songs of Taize are known throughout the world. They are sung in churches in Europe North America Asia and Africa. They have been translated into Polish Czech Slovenian Hungarian Russian the Baltic languages Ukranian. They can be heard in Tagalog in Manila in Swahiliin in Korean in Seoul in Chinese in HongKong in Spanish in Latin America.


1. Jubilate Servite.mp3

2. Veni Creator Spiritus.mp3

3. Singt dem Herrn.mp3

4. Alleluia 10.mp3

5. Stay with Us.mp3

6. Kyrie Eleison 13.mp3

7. J&eacute sus le Christ.mp3

8. Laudate Dominum.mp3

9. B&eacute nissez le Seigneur.mp3

10. Adoramus Te Christe.mp3

11. Magnificat [Choral].mp3

12. Il n est pas de plus grand amour.mp3

13. Bonum Est Confidere.mp3

14. Gospodi.mp3

15. Notre &acirc me attend le Seigneur.mp3

16. Jesus Remember Me.mp3

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