Taize Instrumental 2


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Like its predecessor Taize: Instrumental 2 is a recording of guitar and flute accompaniments designed to support communities and groups who have the desire to pray in song. Unlike the original Taize: Instrumental that mirrors the songs found on Laudate Omnes Gentes this collection of 19 songs is a sampling of your favorite Taize melodies from 11 of their most popular recordings. Solo and duet flutes play melodies and simple descants while the guitar accompanies throughout. Again a helpful resource for small prayer groups or listening enjoyment!


1. Dona la pace.mp3

2. Confitemini Domino.mp3

3. Gloria 3.mp3

4. Bog jest miloscia.mp3

5. Sanctum nomen Domini.mp3

6. Mon ame se repose.mp3

7. Spiritus Jesu Christi.mp3

8. El Senyor.mp3

9. Jesu redemptor.mp3

10. Dans nos obscurites.mp3

11. In manus tuas Pater.mp3

12. Bonum est confidere.mp3

13. Wait for the Lord.mp3

14. Jubilate coeli.mp3

15. La tenebre.mp3

16. Bendigo al Senor.mp3

17. Venite exultemus Domino.mp3

18. Ostende nobis.mp3

19. De noche.mp3

Weight 200 g


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